TIP Project #2012-56-171: Sanders Ferry/ Drakes Creek Bike Trail

Construct 10-ft wide bike/ped trail and boardwalk along Sanders Ferry Rd along the water’s edge of Drakes Creek/Old Hickory Lake.

M Greenway Regional Plan ID: Consistent
Hendersonville TDOT PIN: 117016.00
Sumner County Total Cost: $2,438,000.00
Sanders Ferry/ Drakes Creek Total Programmed: $2,164,100.00
From Main Street along Sanders Ferry Rd and Drakes Creek/Old Hickory Lake to Sanders Ferry Park Federal Share: $1,731,280.00
1.52 miles Federal Obligation*:
Exempt Unobligated Balance: $1,731,280.00
* Obligations during current TIP period only.

Programmed Funds

Fiscal YearPhaseFunding SourceTotal FundsFederal FundsState FundsLocal Funds
TOTAL  $2,164,100.00$1,731,280.00$0.00$432,820.00

Construction Reserve Funds

There is no reserve funding information for this TIP Project.

Obligated Funds

There is no obligated funding information for this TIP Project.

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Project Notes

NotePosted On
12/17/12 -
Oct, 2013 - Receive Notice To Proceed from TDOT to acquire ROW.
Nov, 2013-Mar, 2014 - Acquire ROW and easements; adjust utilities if needed.
Apr, 2014 - Receive Notice To Proceed from TDOT to advertise for construction.
May, 2014 - Award contract for construction.
May, 2014-Dec 2014 - Complete construction and closeout.

The project will be managed by the City’s Public Works Department and Engineering Consultant. All contracts (engineering, ROW acquisition and construction) will include schedules with milestones and dates. One of the main criteria in choosing the engineering consultant will be performance and proven knowledge of TDOT requirements and track record in working with TDOT.

The City has successfully managed the following projects:

1. Indian Lake Boulevard at 386 Bridge widening, ramps, signals.
2. New Shackle Island Road
3. Traffic Signal Upgrade
4. ARRA Projects

While the City experienced some difficulty in getting through the TDOT process, once a Notice To Proceed with construction was received, the projects were completed on time and within budget.

Project Amendments

There are no amendments for this TIP Project.

Administrative Modifications

Adjustment #ActionMPO Approval
2017-010This project is being adjusted to update the historic total project cost from $2,318,000 to $2,438,000.2/03/2017

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